The Entertainment Division, using various source materials including, short stories, novels, comic books, and video games, works closely with talented writers and directors to create a unique vision for Feature Films, TV, and New Media. In addition to our owned intellectual properties, Paradox works with third party property owners to develop and produce quality programming.

Kull of Atlantis (Epic Fantasy)

Kull is about a fearless warrior and sole survivor of fabled Atlantis who wins the crown of Valusia, only to find it as much a burden as a prize. KULL is an epic, coming of age adventure which provides a fascinating mythology and thrilling set pieces (including the destruction of Atlantis), supernatural creatures, and phenomenal battle scenes. Director: Peter Cornwell ("The Haunting in Connecticut", "Ward 13").

Dark Agnes (Action /Supernatural)

Dark Agnes, a swordswoman in 16th century France, flees her small town after killing her violent, arranged-marriage fiancé and journeys to find her true calling as a freedom fighter. Along the way, she meets up with a mercenary and aids him in his quest to recover a powerful amulet from the descendant of an evil witch who seeks to use it to destroy the land.

Denise Di Novi ("The Nightmare Before Christmas", "Edward Scissorhands", "Crazy, Stupid, Love") is co-producing. Christophe Gans ("Silent Hill", "Brotherhood of the Wolf") attached to direct.

Vultures (Action /Thriller)

Highly-stylized action/thriller. High Plains Drifter with the visual appeal of 300 or Sin City. A mysterious Stranger lands a job as deputy of the boom town of Heavenly to help protect it from a gang called the "Vultures" who are robbing and killing any and all prospectors who try to leave with their gold. When the Stranger discovers that his boss, Middleton, is the secret leader of the Vultures, he's recruited into the scam. Stranger is not without scruples and when murders and double crosses pile up, he must decide whether to remain involved with the gang or let his pistols dispense their own brand of justice.

Director: Grady Hall ("Spartacus: Blood and Sand"). Writers: Chris and Jason Thornton ("Mechanicsville").

Pigeons From Hell (Gothic Horror)

Stephen King called Robert E. Howard's tale "one of the finest horror stories of the 20th century." Tonally similar to THE SHINING and THE OTHERS. Two travelling friends hole up in an abandoned rural mansion to rest for the evening, when one of them is killed by the malevolent spirit of the home's previous owner. The survivor manages to escape into the hands of the local sheriff, but the sheriff doesn't believe his story, so they go back to the house to investigate. Inside, they come face to face with an unspeakable evil.

Almuric (Sci-Fi /Action /Fantasy)

Hot-tempered Texas brawler, Esau, faces a murder rap after killing a crooked political boss, but finds escape in a secret device that transports him to the alien planet of Almuric. There, he battles his way to honor but his valor is tested when he ventures to the horrific land of Yagg, where the seductive winged queen Yasmeena rules an empire of terror from a dark citadel filled with monsters and magic.

El Borak (Action /Adventure)

Jason Bourne meets Lawrence of Arabia. Disillusioned after years of U.S. black ops, lethal CIA operative Francis Gordon disappears. Years later, he resurfaces as a mercenary for Afghani warlords and seeks to keep U.S., Russian, and British influence out of the region. In their quest for power, these nations bid for the services of shadowy gun-runner “El Borak”, once known as Francis Gordon.

Warrior (aka Bran Mak Morn) (Universal/Working Title)

A mythical king of ancient Britain forges an alliance with supernatural troops to contest the unstoppable forces of the Roman Empire.

Conan the Barbarian (Millennium Films / Paradox Entertainment; Marcus Nispel directing)

In Conan the Barbarian, a quest that begins as a personal vendetta for the fierce Cimmerian warrior soon turns into an epic battle against hulking rivals, horrific monsters, and impossible odds, as Conan realizes he is the only hope of saving the great nations of the Hyborian Age from an encroaching reign of supernatural evil.

Mutant Chronicles (Magnolia Pictures/Paradox Entertainment/Edward R. Pressman Film Corp.)

23rd century – Warring Megacorporations fight to control the remaining planets and their moons. During a massive battle between the planet’s opposing forces, an alien force of undead Necromutants is accidentally released from the ground. With the planet almost uninhabitable and the majority of the remaining population fleeing, leaders agree to the plans of a monk who takes a small band of soldiers deep beneath the surface of the planet to destroy the Necromutants. Directed by Simon Hunter; starring Thomas Jane, Ron Perlman, and John Malkovich.

Solomon Kane (Davis Films/Wandering Star)

Solomon Kane is a Puritan warrior in the 1700s that goes on a journey to exact revenge on the sorcerer that destroyed his family. Throughout his exploits, Solomon travels far and wide across Europe and Africa protecting the innocent by hunting demons, using his supernatural skill with sword and pistols to smite them. Directed by Michael J. Bassett; starring James Purefoy and Max Von Sydow.